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The rapid growth of the local cellular industry and the related erection of cellular antenna masts have resulted in the need for cellular network operators to increasingly consider the aesthetic impact of these structures, to avoid negative public pressure.
Recognising this, Brolaz Projects designed the world's first Palm Pole Tower, which was developed and placed into service in 1996 for one of South Africa's leading cellular operators.
To date, more than a 1000 of these and similar camouflaged structures have been erected countrywide and an active export programme is currently servicing markets in USA, Europe, the Middle East and Australia.  Increasing public approval as well as advancements in antenna technology have expanded the range of camouflaged options from the original Palm Trees to include, inter alia, other trees, lighthouses, windmills and roadside advertising structures.
Innovative variations are constantly being assessed and developed according to site placement criteria.

Active Cooling Systems have been developed and placed into service in areas where mains power is unreliable or not available.
Lattice Towers and Monopoles, as well as Rooftop Mount Pole Systems have, with time, been developed into their own highly advanced technology zones which have in turn optimised efficiency and have reduced site build costs.
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